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Tecumseh, Kansas

Located in Tecumseh, Kansas, southeast of Topeka, Jivaro Lake is approximately 70 acres in size that captures runoff from approximately 1,100 acres. The lake is experiencing high levels of sedimentation that is negatively impacting the water quality of the lake and partially responsible for producing algae blooms during the summer months.  As part of Water Resources Solutions' lake sediment management plan to improve the water quality of the lake.

The proposed improvements to the Lake included a bio-swale planted with native vegetation, sediment basins/wetlands, and a lake aeration system. WRS and WRI performed a topographic survey at each of the inlet locations to the lake to supplement the existing mapping information and assist in developing solutions to the sediment problem.  By implementing the bio-swale, the stormwater runoff will be treated before entering the lake, thus improving the water quality.  The sediment basins/wetlands will allow sediment to settle out before entering the lake, thus reducing the amount of sediment entering the lake. The proposed aeration system will not only manage the existing sediment in the lake, but also increase biological activity within the lake, increasing the amount of available oxygen in water to support fish populations, reduce odors, and help surface de-icing in the winter.