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City of Mission Hills, Kansas

As part of the City of Mission Hills’ requirements under its NPDES Phase Permit, Water Resources Solutions has completed the city’s required annual inspection of all stormwater outfalls emptying into the city streams since 2009.

The inspection plan has included:

  • Review of prior years’ inspection reports along with the GIS information collected for each of those years.

  • The location of each outfall was loaded into a GPS data collector. A data collector form based on the forms in the Johnson County Model Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Plan were prepared for the data collector and used in the field. The inspection information was collected using a Trimble GeoXH GPS data collector.

  • Site photography was GIS-tagged to the outfall location.

  • The information was analyzed and illustrated in ArcgGIS.

  • A field-routing map and inspection plan optimized efficiency of field inspection data collection.

  • If the outfall was flowing, the flow rate was calculated and the ammonia content and pH of the water was measured and recorded.

A summary report outlined the inspection procedure, results of the inspection, map of the outfalls, inspection forms, and comparative health of the outfalls vs. previous years to identify trends. 

Associated with the inspections, Water Resources Solutions continues to provide on-call water quality sampling and monitoring services for the City. Activities have included sampling poor water quality in Willow Lake and tracking discharges of pollutants into the City’s streams. Samples are typically sent to Kansas State University or the local wastewater utility for analysis.