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About Water Resources Solutions

Our approach grows from this philosophy: Communities need man-made environments not only to function, but also to thrive. At the same time, those man-made environments can be designed, developed, executed and managed to minimize their impact on the natural environment. Every solution our team proposes seeks the creative, innovative, cost-effective and eco-friendly engineering services that can turn this philosophy into action.

In our approach to projects, we strive to provide the greatest value to our clients. We provide this value by leveraging existing assets and the appropriate level of technology to reduce risks and increase long-term reliability. We also believe our clients can make informed and intelligent decisions only when they have the best information; therefore, we place a premium on communication.

WRS specializes in all aspects of stormwater management, ecosystem restoration, hydraulic structures, and integrated watershed management. Our engineers and technical experts plan, study, design, permit, design/build, and assist in the construction phase.

WRS staff includes professional engineers (P.E.), Diplomates of Water Resources Engineering (D. WRE), and Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC). Based in Prairie Village, Water Resources Solutions is an 11-year-old comprehensive civil engineering firm specializing in advanced technical analysis of complex water-related environmental services and infrastructure issues. Water Resources Solutions employs nine full-time engineering professionals and two additional full-time employees, experienced and qualified in hydrology, hydraulics, civil engineering, geographic information systems, foundation and geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, biology,  computer programming, public relations and communications, and other support services.