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As the nation’s aging infrastructure groans around us, the need for fresh, agile, geographically aware water engineering will grow even more critical in the coming years. At Water Resources Solutions, we have the experience and expertise to understand this fact of life: Any flood-control or stormwater project, regardless of size, creates significant hydraulic issues that can complicate its design. If your civil engineer brings you limited expertise in water resources, your options are immediately constrained; your choices instantly shrink.

Water Resources Solutions is always conscious of the impact our work has on a client's planning and budgeting. We understand that your projects have finite budgets and hard deadlines. As a result, every solution the WRS-led team proposes employs the specific creative, innovative, cost-effective, and eco-friendly engineering services that can turn our knowledge and experience into action that meets your goals. In our approach to projects, we provide the greatest value to our clients by leveraging existing assets and the appropriate level of technology to reduce risks and increase long-term reliability. Our historical contract amendment rate of less than 5 percent attests to the results our approach can yield for you.

Our team understands the value of a dollar — of your dollar. During careful alternative analysis, our team will bring reliable solutions with an eye to operation and maintenance as well as long-term performance. Our environmental experts work hand-in-hand with our designers to develop the structural alternative that minimizes impact to the environment, is cost effective, and most importantly, is the most economically beneficial to the sponsor. 
We understand value engineering is not an aftermarket add-on; value engineering must be baked into the process. That philosophy distinguishes WRS from other planning and feasibility consultants. By keeping our efforts focused on the value of the project, we are often able to “blank the specification sheet,” challenging prior assumptions that can lead to costly unnecessary and extraneous project additions. An important step in any project is to define the successful performance parameters of the project with buy-in from all the key stakeholders. Only after this functional definition is set do we then move into the next phase of the project that includes conceptual alternative solution development and feasibility analysis. Guided by an experienced and knowledgeable value professional and encouraged by a creative and accepting client, our experience has proven that value engineering can not lead to a better product, but often can impact project timelines, as well, helping clients achieve functionality faster without the attendant expense, because functionality — true functionality — is uncovered sooner, with all the accompanying benefit that discovery brings.

Don’t settle for less. Our proven track record with a combined physical/numerical hydrologic and hydraulic modeling approach significantly improves both cost and performance for even the smallest projects. From flood management to water supply and water conveyance, river and dam hydraulic structures to breach and flood analysis, we’re not afraid to play with all the alternatives to find the best solution to reduce uncertainty for you and the people you serve.

Water Resources Solutions • 5000 W. 95th St. • Suite 290 • Prairie Village, KS 66207
(913) 302-1030 • info@WRS-rc.com
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