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City of Mission Hills, Kansas
2008 to 2010

A continual drain on maintenance resources since it was first deeded to the City of Mission Hills by private property owners, Willow Lake was an eyesore.

The outfall for several stormwater pipe systems and a natural channel that drained a residential watershed, the lake collected all the sediment, garbage, debris and chemicals found in typical residential runoff. Water Resources Solutions developed a concept plan to save the lake that included improvements to water quality, aquatic habitat, aesthetics and public access. Specific improvements included a wetland bench to provide habitat, water quality improvement and erosion protection for the lake shore. Lake aeration was addressed in the concept. In addition, landscape architecture improvements were developed to make the lake more aesthetic and publicly accessible.

A concept design report developed as part of the lake’s watershed included:

  • Concept plan description

  • Concept plan cost

  • Upstream sediment control

  • Recommendation to develop a lake management plan

  • Watershed public education

  • Recommended wetland plant list

  • Potential funding sources

The City of Mission Hills embraced the recommended improvements and selected Water Resources Solutions to complete the design. Construction for the project was completed in Summer 2010.