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Bonner Springs, Kansas

Water Resources Solutions was selected by Triple R Properties to perform a drainage study for the proposed improvements in Bonner Springs, Kansas. The scope of the drainage study included recommended detention locations and other drainage facilities other than storm water pipe systems necessary to meet Bonner Springs' supplement to Section 5600 of Kansas City Chapter American Public Works Association design criteria. The storm drainage facilities for the development were designed to complement existing streams and wetlands on the property and to serve as aesthetic features of the development.  The proposed development is an 80 acre site located in the SW corner of State Avenue and Speedway Boulevard.

The proposed drainage facilities include three detention basins, two major culverts, and channel improvements. Of the three detention basins one is a reestablished wetland, one is a dry basin, and the third is a wet basin.  All the proposed improvements outfall to an existing 7x7 RCB. Due to the strict standards of the city of Bonner Springs release rate requirements, the basins were required to detain almost all of the excess storm water created by the proposed improvements. Because of the minimal amounts of water we were able to release and due to limited space available to place detention basins, one of the basins was cleverly located such that as water rose in the upstream portion of the basin, water was allowed to release through two structures – a primary and a secondary structure.  The primary structure continued to function, and once the water surface elevation reached a peak elevation, the secondary structure released flows into a smaller secondary basin.  The secondary basin then was able to release the flows for the larger storm events.