Lake Hope Dam Assessment on a lake located on a tributary to Wolf creek Lake Hope is surrounded by a 626-acre residential and commercial subdivision named Falcon Lakes. The lake and dam is located just upstream of a recent extension of Donahoo Road. The Lake Hope Dam is a size 3, class “C” (high hazard) dam that was completed in 2001. Lake Hope Dam is 1040 feet long and is 35 feet high. It has un-gated principal and emergency spillways. The dam was inspected per K.D.A. dam safety standards by Water Resources Solutions, by walking the dam crest, slopes, auxiliary spillway and outlet channel. Data for this inspection was collected using a Trimble GeoXH handheld GPS data collector. Issues identified during the inspection included debris, vehicle rutting on the crest, riprap grading problems, trees and vegetation, spalling of riprap rocks, animal burrows, erosion, sedimentation, and presence of boils. Spillway discharge was inspection, classification status was re-assessed, freeboard requirement to pass a mandated 40% of the 6-hour probable maximum precipitation per KDWR was evaluated, maintenance and operation plans updated, and the existing emergency action plan was updated. The existing EAP, which has not been updated since the original was created a decade before, was updated to include a notification flowchart providing the hierarchy of who is to be notified in the event of an emergency to the reservoirs and dam embankments, a description of the dam embankments, the project location, identification of downstream areas potentially affected, emergency detection and evaluation, general responsibilities, and preparedness steps.