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Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, Mayetta, Kansas

The current buffalo herd crossing under N Road between 150th Road and 158th Road on the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation tribal land uses an existing road bridge over a second order, un-named tributary to Little Solder Creek. Soil disturbance created by the buffalo crossing the stream channel and by hoof action of the bison has caused or contributed to increased stream bank erosion in numerous locations on each side of the Road, sediment loss, and non-point source pollution, negatively affecting the downstream water quality of the reservation waters.

PBPN requested Water Resources Solutions, along with Wildhorse Riverworks, to design a stable creek crossing for the herd. The goal of the PBPN is to improve water quality in the tributary by reducing soil disturbance created by the buffalo crossing the stream channel, using on-the-ground implementation of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency best management practices to control sources of nonpoint source pollution. WRS designed a low-water crossing consisting of a crushed rock/Rock Rip Rap foundation beneath the stream gravel bed, along with rip rap armoring to protect the toe of the stream from further erosion. Engineered rock check dams provided erosion and sediment control during construction. The final project provides full access to the livestock stream crossing, in order to facilitate full use of pastures bordering both sides of the stream while still protecting the water quality of stream.

WRS worked with PBPN to provide support in seeking funding for the project through the U.S. EPA’s Tribal Clean Water Act Section 319 Competitive Grant program.