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The Wyoming-Nebraska stateline flow measurement structure on the North Platte southwest of Henry, Neb.,

is a crucial flow measurement location for water users in the two states. Severe erosion and bank degradation had occurred upstream of the structure. In addition, the stage discharge relationships for the weir had changed. The Nebraska Community Foundation commissioned Water Resources Solutions to determine the feasibility of constructing bendway weirs to stabilize the river bank and improve the weir’s stage-discharge relationship. The project included hydraulic modeling of the system using HEC-RAS, the two-dimensional, unsteady-flow model River FLO-2D and a physical model. The models were also used to evaluate the sediment transport through the system. The modeling information was used to develop preliminary and final plans for the bendway weir stabilization project.

A Froude scale moveable bed physical model was used to determine optimal placement of bendway weirs. Final design and stability of the structures were designed using a numerical 2-dimensional model. Design plans and specifications were developed and constructed.