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Locally, nationally or globally, the growth and prosperity of any community depends on protecting our water resources. Degraded water resources threaten water supplies, fisheries and overall quality of life. Our fundamental philosophy behind all our work believes man-made environments can be developed to minimize impact and restore integrity to every component of our natural environment.

WRS specializes in watershed-based wetland and stream stabilization planning, wetland and channel stabilization, and habitat creation design. We are also experts in preparing final design solutions to river and wetland habitat degradation. In the last 10 years we have completed hundreds of channel stabilization projects and more than 30 lake/wetland designs. Final designs nearly always involved sediment control, water quality BMPs, robust planting pallets, and habitat creation.

Phil Balch has been responsible for surveying and designing 444 stream and wetland projects that total over 95 miles of streams, 764 acres of riparian habitat and over 94 acres of wetlands. He has experience working on streams with watersheds of only a few acres to large rivers with over 56,000 square miles of drainage area. In addition to Kansas streams, Balch as been involved with stream restoration project design and installation in eight other states, along with designing wetland projects in Kansas and Missouri.

Don Baker is one of only five board-certified Diplomates of Water Resources Engineering in the Kansas City area. He is commonly sought out to present and to author work on hydraulic and hydrologic analysis, specifically integrated mathematical/physical modeling which, in some cases, has demonstrated proven cost savings by identifying superior alternate designs. His bio-restorative planning and designs incorporate state-of-the-industry methods and techniques using natural processes to stabilize wetland and riverine systems, resulting in a more robust and healthier environment. These geomorphic and natural process-based designs result in 100 year or more design life standards, which significantly improves lifecycle cost on our restoration designs.

Water Resources Solutions • 5000 W. 95th St. • Suite 290 • Prairie Village, KS 66207
(913) 302-1030 • info@WRS-rc.com
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