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Yates Center, Kansas 2017-2018

During a 2016 spillway discharge event, the 84-year-old spillway failed for the second time in its history on Yates Center’s Woodson Lake. Large areas of scour and erosion resulted. A second high-flow event one month later caused additional erosion to the damaged spillway.

A 1-D HEC-RAS preliminary model study by another engineering firm recommended a stepped concrete spillway to replace this lake’s failed spillway, at a $1.95 million estimated cost. WRS’s Physical First process modeled the original spillway failure, the proposed spillway, and our revised alternative solution using a baffled spillway. The results proved the preliminary solution would have failed again, and that the WRS alternative solution would not only work, but also save 26 percent in construction costs. The total Physical First analysis, including modeling, and resulting design fee was less than the original design fee estimated by the firm that did the preliminary study. The WRS alternative was constructed in 2020.

Woodson County SFL Project Cost Comparison

Original Concept (USD) $ 1.95 Million
Physical First Concept Estimate (USD) $ 1.44 Million
Project Cost Savings 27% of Original Cost
Project Analysis Cost 6% of Actual Construction Cost
Kansas Division of Wildlife,
Parks and Tourism. Topeka, Kan.