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Kansas City, Missouri

Weatherby Lake Improvement Company’s recently purchased property at the southeast corner of Westside Drive and NW Barry Road has an eroding stream running through it that is tributary to Weatherby Lake. The company hired WRS to conduct a field assessment and full description of the stream reach. WRS conducted a fluvial geomorphic assessment of the stream using the American Public Works Association Channel Condition Scoring Matrix.

Based on the results of the investigation, WRS created concept-level design recommendations to stabilize the study stream. The recommendations included opinions of probable construction cost for the proposed improvements. They consisted of:

  • Introducing a new meander planform into the length of the stream. This option would require re-grading most of the length of the stream from Barry Road. WRS did not pursue the option as feasible, because wholesale clearing would be required, the project would be more expensive than working with the stream in its current location, and permitting the project could have become problematic.

  • Introducing grade controls at strategic locations, to reduce stream bottom degradation, along with introducing longitudinal peaked stone toe protection at strategic areas along the stream to protect and stabilize the banks.

  • Willow shoot plantings along the east side of the south reach were also recommended to improve stabilization.

WRS developed a phasing plan for the project, based on prioritizing areas where erosion is the most severe, in order to establish stream controls that are most beneficial to the project. WRS worked with the client to create the project phasing plan to accommodate the client schedule and budget constraints.