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City of Kansas City, Missouri

As part of ongoing work with the KCMO Parks and Recreation Department, RIC and WRS designed stream improvements and a pedestrian trail to improve the Buckeye Creek Greenway. RIC’s surveyors and engineers provided stream assessment, topographic and boundary surveys, legal descriptions, HEC-RAS modeling, site grading and drainage design, bridge design, and utility coordination. RIC coordinated with KCMO Parks and Rec and KCMO Water Services in order to maintain an accelerated project schedule desired by the Parks Department. RIC also assisted Parks in pursuing additional project funding.

The stream assessment was used in conjunction with opinions of probable construction cost to rank the stream improvements. Possible solutions included bank shaping, stream realignment, slope stability, streambed grade controls and rock toe protection with tie-backs. Designs for three of the highest priority reaches were completed. The project included overall stream assessment within the Greenway, removal of an existing low water crossing, design of an ambulance load-rated pedestrian bridge to replace the low water crossing, and bank stabilization throughout the project area. Bank stabilization work included correcting the undermining of an existing road that serves the Greenway and adjacent school and prevention of a cutoff at a meander bend that was in danger of occurring, which would form an oxbow and bypass an existing pedestrian bridge that serves an adjacent neighborhood.