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City of Mission Hills, Kansas

The City of Mission Hills requested Water Resources Solutions complete construction documents for street and stormwater improvements on Overhill from Belinder to Ensley. The street improvements included mill and overlay of the street, full-depth replacement as necessary, replacement of curbs with underdrain, and replacement of drive approaches and walkways.

The stormwater improvements included the replacement of System 39 of the Mission Hills Pipe System Masterplan, including the stormwater system along Overhill from Belinder to the outfall at Overhill and Ensley. Additionally, the City asked WRS to investigate the proposed pipe system on the previously designed Belinder Court Project upstream of System 39 for condition and adequacy, and to incorporate it into the overall project.

WRS conducted all activities of the design team, coordinated field survey of the project area, developed plans, specifications and estimates, assisted the City with bidding services, and conducted construction observation.

Special adjustments were required in the field during construction oversight to accommodate statuary clearances.