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City of Mission Hills, Kansas

In 2017, Water Resources Solutions updated Mission Hills’ Open Channel Masterplan which was originally created by WRS Principal Don Baker and his staff while employed by another consulting firm. Mission Hills contains 6.1 miles of stormwater open channels, including Brush and Rock Creeks, most of which are in fair to poor geomorphic condition.

The masterplan update refreshed previous county-level automated information mapping and modeling, re-evaluated the fluvial geomorphic stability of the channels using APWA standards, rated the condition of retaining walls and streamside buffers, photographed and GIS-catalogued stream reach conditions, compared new conditions to the original masterplan, estimated budget-level costs to improve conditions, prioritized improvements, and provided GIS data to the city. The open channel data was integrated with Mission Hills’ GIS-based Stormwater Pipe System Masterplan, which WRS also originated, modeled, mapped, inventoried, and catalogued under an earlier contract.